Former footballer Nathan Arnold opens up to Priory City of Lincoln Academy students

Nathan Arnold speaking at Priory City of Lincoln Academy

Former Lincoln City, Grimsby Town and Boston United forward Nathan Arnold inspired Year 11 students at the Priory City of Lincoln Academy to open up and to achieve goals regardless of their backgrounds.   

Nathan, who is starting a new journey sharing his journey with young people at schools with LiNCHigher, talked about his family life and how growing up in an area of crime and violence motivated him to work hard and lead a better life.

The 31-year-old encouraged the students to open up as he discussed his mental health issues he encountered during his playing career that saw him play for six clubs, appear in five Wembley cup finals and be part of four promotion-winning campaigns. 

Nathan said: “It’s very important that I share these messages with young people as a reminder of who we are.

“What made me want to get involved in this is that I have always taken from life. If I look at my football career, I have always chased something and seen what life can offer me.

LiNCHigher's Amy Liddy (left), Nathan Arnold (centre) and Mrs Tracey Taylor of Priory City of Lincoln Academy

“Now, if I dare say, I am in a privileged position where I can put something back into life and giving services to others is something I feel very passionate about.”

“We’re in a world today where we adapt a ‘survival of the fittest’ mentality and you only have to look at billboards, the news, hand-me-down bits of information from our parents that we can get lost.

“It’s very important that I can be a general reminder to the children as to who we are and for them to get to know themselves.

“Technology today is so far advanced that we are removed from who we are and this is why there are mental health issues and PTSD levels that are rising every year.”