HEFCE: Invitations now open for phase 2 of the Degree Apprenticeship Development Fund

Degree apprenticeships are part of the Government’s approved English apprenticeships programme, funded by the Education and Skills Funding Agency. They involve programmes of learning in which an apprentice is employed while undertaking a Level 6 (degree equivalent) or Level 7 (masters degree, postgraduate certificate, or postgraduate diploma) qualification which is part of an approved standard leading to competence in a named occupation.

In this second phase, funding is available to increase capability and capacity in higher education providers, resulting in the provision of an increased number of degree apprenticeships for delivery from September 2018. Funding will be allocated in summer 2017, and must be spent by the end of March 2018.


1. Read the circular letter ‘DADF Phase 2: Invitation to submit proposals for funding to stimulate development of degree apprenticeships’ (HEFCE Circular letter 09/2017).

2. Find out more from HEFCE's Degree Apprenticeship Development Fund page.