Future medicine students benefit from Brightside mentoring scheme

Earlier this year LiNCHigher teamed up with Brightside, the University of Nottingham and Widening Access to Medical School to give students access to online mentoring.

The scheme, which ran from April 2018 to October 2018, paired 20 Year 12 students, who wish to study medicine at university, with a trained mentor who they communicate with on the safe online platform; Brightside.

The platform allowed the students to seek ask questions about Higher Education and gain access to one-to-one advice to help with the medicine application process.

In the evaluation, it was found that 50% of the students sent their mentor at least ten messages, with many messages focussing on researching universities and UCAS personal statements.

100% of students strongly agreed or agreed that they got on well with their mentor, enjoyed the project and felt their mentor gave useful feedback.

When quizzed, the mentors gave 100% feedback on enjoying the programme and felt a sense of accomplishment from the scheme.

One mentee said: “I’ve found this e-mentoring scheme to be one of, if not the most helpful resource for my application for medicine.”

Another mentee added: “Taking part in the e-mentoring programme has been extremely helpful in securing my decision to apply to medicine, and my mentor has given me lots of helpful advice and support so that I felt more confident with my application process.”

Project Officer for LiNCHigher, Helen Lee, said: “We are thrilled with how successful the Medicine Mentoring has gone and it’s great to hear such positive feedback from the project.

“We’d like to thank Brightside for letting us use their platform, the University of Nottingham and Widening Access to Medical School for their work in the project.

“This mentoring scheme also comes at an exciting time with the University of Lincoln launching their medicine course in September 2019 followed by a medical school in the next couple of years.”