Lincoln student enjoys a day at The Deep thanks to LiNCHigher

Year 12 student, Holly Scott, enjoyed a day at The Deep earlier this month.

Queen Elizabeth High School’s Holly Scott was treated to an access all areas day at The Deep after winning a competition through LiNCHigher.

As part of a Post-18 day at the school, students took part in the ‘Perfect Person’ workshop where students picked a dream place to do work experience and had to write a mock cover letter.

Holly’s letter was one of the winners and subsequently enjoyed a day at The Deep as she hopes to study biology at university.

After experiencing a wonderful day, Holly said: “The Deep experience was great and I got so many opportunities to feed all types of different marine life.

“I got the chance to see behind the scenes and it was great to be told all about them all while finding out interesting facts and stories of why some were there.

 “I received tours of where visitors don’t get to see, with many facts given and questions answered and I also got free entry to The Deep for the rest of the day to look around for myself if I wanted to.

“My favourite part of the day was feeding The Deep’s open ocean tank which had turtles and sharks.

“Once putting the food into the tank they all came to the top and I got to see them up close and not behind glass.

“The female turtle was preforming, luckily for me, so I got to see her very clearly and she kept poking her nose out the water and was constantly swimming right by us.”