Meet Ondrej, a LiNCHigher Ambassador from the Czech Republic


I decided to study Psychology because I was interested in finding the answers to questions about human feelings and behaviour, such as why people behave differently in the same situations when there are different people around, and what influences the way people feel about themselves. Having studied at the School of Psychology for quite some time, I can say that I have learnt about more about the human mind than I could ever have imagined. I even discovered my passion for statistics, and I never used to be friends with maths-related subjects.

University is more than just learning about your subject – it offers many opportunities to pursue your hobbies and develop both professionally and personally. I, for example, finally decided to learn to sing and joined the university’s acapella society along with a society that raises awareness of mental health issues. I also liked the idea of contributing to shaping the future of my course and representing fellow students, so I decided to run for the course representative position – I have been working with the School of Psychology on behalf of the students for two years now.

Studying at university is also a great time for exploring what you might want to do after you graduate – there are many work and volunteering opportunities. I have always enjoyed working with young people, so I joined a project that helps them explore options for developing – it is not a coincidence that the project’s name is LiNCHigher!

In my opinion, everyone’s university experience is unique – university life is what you make it, with the coursework, self-study, working or volunteering, and enjoying the social life being pieces of the puzzle that make up the whole image.