Higher Education Virtual Reality Experience

LiNCHigher has commissioned BrandFour and Electric Egg to collaboratively develop a 360° Virtual Reality Higher Education Experience. The VR experience combines 360° footage of Higher Education institutions across Lincolnshire, with a series of interactive, animated games. After an introductory video, players pick a ‘pathway’ (science, humanities, the arts or animal/agriculture), watch subject-related footage, and play games against the clock. Subject-specific elements are interspersed with general ‘University Life’ games (e.g. ‘cooking a stir fry’, ‘make a smoothie’), and players’ final scores upload onto an online leader board to add a competitive element.

Our team of Area Engagement Officers have been out and about over the last couple of months, trialling the VR HE experience in schools and colleges during parents’ evenings, careers fairs and Student Voice sessions, and feedback so far has been fab! Students (and staff!) have really enjoyed the experience and have found it to be an innovative way of learning about HE. What other game has you immersed in a University laboratory one minute, and herding sheep the next?

The leader board will be online in March, so that schools can see where their scores are in the competition!